Hello! New to WA

Hello all! I am returning to retail after a long hiatus. I decided to make a new toon on WA. I have always been partial to RP servers as they seem to be more laid back and immersive. I am looking for a guild that is active, laid back and drama free. I want to make friends as I level. As a disclaimer, I am a complete noob when it comes to RP, but I am looking to learn. Any guilds out there looking for someone like me? Thanks in advance! Lvl 20ish human mage. Thanks again!


Welcome to Wyrmrest Accord!

In my experience, many people are willing – even eager, sometimes – to help a new RPer learn the ropes and find their stride. I don’t remember any guilds who specifically say they’re looking for new RPers off the top of my head, but I expect there are many RP guilds who would be willing, as well as more social guilds who don’t focus on RP, but do have helpful RPers among their members.

Try taking a look at the WrA Directories Thread, if you haven’t already. A pretty good number of guild ads are condensed into the first couple posts. Know, though, that there are also many, many other guilds who don’t advertise on – or regularly read – the forums, so if you don’t find the right one here then don’t be discouraged yet.

More details on what you’re looking for might also help draw the right guild to you. You might not know yet what kinds of RP themes you’re most interested in, and it sounds like a calm, social leveling environment is what you’re mainly looking for right now. But do you know if you’re hoping for a guild that runs PvE content for once you’re at max level? Or aiming to avoid content and remain very casual?

Welcome back to retail! I hope you find a good spot quickly.