Hello i'd like to talk about guilds

i have seen plentiful guilds in my time on this server but at las the current state of looking for guilds is staggering i was wondering if anyone knows a group of maybe 20 people i can add or befriend alt wise and keep in touch via the ingame mailbox i would like a raffle for gold and someone who knows how to use random website for establishment for giveaways if you’re interested maybe comprehensive check to make you’r not a bot is intitled but other than being a bot i would accept the amount of justifcation that is here of the said community wise of intrest towards a better tomorrow. the lack of wise of heartell is a giveaway and a wensday and tuesday outlook. the topic of catagorey is changing in vairous ways to make the game a safer and better place for the newer casual’s that show up i would like to think of myself as a wow therpist making this short topic but incase you did amount to the of time you put into the game making a worthwhile approach is attemptable via communication try to just say hi.