Hello I am new to the game

So I just started a Warrior Blood elf and I have no idea where the main quests are, which quests should I do and which should I not do?

I would do all the quests you don’t have to worry about main stories. You’ll only be in that starter zone for a short while. Move to the Ghostlands when your high enough level. When you hit level 15, hit “I” and queue for random classic dungeons in the dungeon finder. Click damage for your role assuming your fury or arms right now. They automatically match you with four other random players. I go to the main horde capital Orgrimmar at level 20, and then start questing in the Barrens.

Dungeons are fast exp 15-90 and offer the best loot. It’s good to learn how to play in groups. Most people mix it up with questing while in dungeon queues. I would also learn to play all three specs on your character early in the game. They are easy to pick up if you start early. See the icy veins class guide for the best rotations and talents for each spec, hit the “N” key and talents tab to assign talents for all three specs at level 15. very important. its smart to learn the proper rotation now so you dont form bad habits that are hard to break later. Protection is your tank spec so if you want to tank a dungeon select the tank role when queing.