Hello from Stonefield and Maclure!

Greetings! I wanted to say on behalf of our entire guild, that Battle for Azeroth might have been some of the best in-game experiences we have had as a guild. Not only have we had a lot of internal growth, but we’ve made new friends in other guilds this expansion, and we’re quite happy to have done so.

Personally, I have been saying this for several years, but not only do I think that I have the privilege of being the guild leader of the best group of people ever (I’m biased, sorry!), but I think we’re on the group of people on any server or realm anywhere, and we couldn’t be who we are as a guild without all of you. Thank you!

That said, we are looking to enter into Shadowlands hard and fast. We are always happy to have new or returning friends, so if you happen to be looking for a guild to call home through the end of BFA or starting with Shadowlands, we’re happy to have you.

Lastly, on a very personal note: I know that the pandemic has not been easy on most likely any of us. I’m sure there are some in our community who have been sick, or know someone who has been sick. I sincerely hope that none of you have lost a friend or a loved one to the virus, and that you continue to stay safe and healthy.

See you in Azeroth.

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Heya! Since our realms are about to merge, I was curious as to the story/niche your guild does? We CC-SoE folks will be looking to hold an in-character Guild Expo in the near future to get to know our new comrades!

We don’t actually have a guild story as we never really were a roleplaying guild. We -do- have roleplayers in the guild, though. (Personally, I’m more of a lengthy character history writer at the moment because that’s been a lot of fun to do) But, as far as we go, we’re mostly a social/leveling guild that has an emphasis on raiding at end game level. We’re currently re-clearing older raids in BFA on heroic/mythic for meta achievements, mounts, pets (namely Jaina Proudmoore runs every Tuesday/Thursday), and have a very active mythic dungeon and horrific vision group. And we have people who are running a lot of islands lately, as well as some PVPers. I suppose we’re a “throw a dart at a board and find something you’d like” guild. Either way, we’re really looking forward to new friends!

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