Heirloom/Warmode not giving bonus exp

Alright so I’m leveling a human paladin form 1 to 120. I have a full set of heirloom gear minus one ring and are all upgraded to scale to level 100. 4 pieces I know do not give exp bonus from quests and killing monsters etc. I also have Warmode turned on. All in all I should be getting 70% bonus to all exp gained from completing quests and kill monsters but I’ve noticed I’m not getting any from anything. My paladin is 89 and currently questing in Pandaria/Valley of the Four Winds and is about to move on to Draenor when I finally noticed i was getting no bonus exp. Is it just the area? All the gear/Warmode states that it gives 5% or 10% (Warmode says 20%) bonuses from killing monster and completing quests. Anyone able to clarify something for me?