Heavy Junkboxes - Alliance

Hi Folks - WTB Heavy Junkboxes - I thought they were available via Gadgetzan AH as well, if you’ve got any on the Horde side to get rid of. If that’s still the case, I’m interested. COD them to my banker, Spunkmonk, or message me in game (Elvenfury is who needs them, but I am often on Gnomylanta as well). I currently need about 1100 of them. Will take more, so I don’t have to finish my Revered grind :wink:

If you are still looking for Heavy Junkboxes, how much are you paying apiece? Just in case I might want to go farm some up to earn some extra gold.

Don’t even know what they’re worth. I’ve had a couple folks just send me a small handful. Had a guild-mate send me 400 of them. I’ve had others COD a few for 10g, 50g (not each, I don’t recall how many came with the message).
I need 305 I think. Honestly, though, I am not sure I need too many more as I boosted a Rogue to 50 from the last expansion free boost I had not used yet, and farmed around 3-400 in LBRS, and may end up farming the rest. I’m still working on the 10,800 pirates I still need as well :wink: