Hearthstone board stealth bug

When are we going to fix this cancerous garbage?


Whenever Blizzard starts caring and starts to also fix the other bugs in WPvP. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Go out of WM ?

The Hearthstone Table bug can be used even outside of War Mode so not sure why this is your solution. Someone could theoretically just use this inside Stormwind and camp AH or something :dracthyr_shrug:

Can also be used in battlegrounds too, so…

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What’s this bug do?

Makes them completely invisible. AoE can still hit them, though you won’t know if it’s hitting them.

This is rich coming from you when it was your guildies are the ones that was doing this in the first place .

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Not really, I don’t really use this. There’s no benefit to me as a Survival Hunter to use it. I’ve recently only ever used someone else’s table and kill the ones abusing it, since that’s the only way to counter.

Doesn’t mean I don’t want it fixed. I’ve reported it even before it was as widely known about, it’s just Blizzard doesn’t fix things.

Edit: Speaking of which, after just check-pvping you… Weren’t you one of the healers in the table at the dream camp healing the Alliance lock abusing this? You’re mad because I was one of the only ones who knew how to counter you guys? :dracthyr_hehe:

you must be mistaken pretty much main horde but if you want to kinda get in detective mode we can . A god of a shaman is the one that started all of this need to have a talk with him if you don’t like ppl doing this .

also iam talking about your guildies on horde and ally doing this never mentioned you. only the shaman and druid. Good to know you admitted your doing this as well :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

I don’t care what my guild mates do, they’re their own person. Anything goes in WPvP in my opinion but that still doesn’t mean I think this bug should exist.

Of course, if someone else is using a Hearthstone Table I will 100% kill them at their own game. I would only target them though.