Heartbroken re: can't get my face back on wow

So, I just want you to know I totally loved how my goblin looked prior to this new shadowlands, but I wanted to try out the barber. Once I changed her haircolor I could no longer get back the original haircolor (white) with brown eyebrows. It was my favorite look and now all I can get is white hair with white eyebrows. I am absolutely crushed. I love white hair but I don’t love the white eyebrows. I am so beyond upset about it. It was the entire reason I loved my goblin… I always talked about how much I loved her cute face, and now, without her eyebrows showing up like I love… her face just makes me cry. Please create a blonde hair, and white hair with dark eyebrows as an option. I am just hurting, totally heartbroken that I can’t see my little Goblin’s cute face the way I like it anymore!

I’m so so heartbroken, this isn’t even funny! There’s no option to get her face back!