Heart and Soul Guild

Heart and Soul is a small, friendly guild on Cenarius. And we can't wait for BfA! We are currently recruiting new general members as well as putting together a raid team so that we are ready to go for the next expac!

Heart and Soul is made up mostly of a group of friends who have one thing in common: looking out for each other. We’ve played together for about two years now, and have found that we share more than just a love of WoW, and that is what has kept us together and helped us form a strong bond.

If you like having a laugh, if you like chilling out and listening to music in Discord while leveling and chatting, if you like raiding, if you like dungeons and questing, if you just want a toxicity-free, open-minded guild experience… we’re here for you, friend!

We have a wide range of raiding experience and do plan on making a team once we have the people. If you’re interested in a fun environment with people who aren’t going to yell and scream at you or call you bad and if you have a thick skin for jokes, and are willing to work together, and give and take advice in order to do some delicious progress raiding, then we are your peoples! Check out our raid page to see what we are looking for, and what to expect!

We love doing Mythic + dungeons and don’t mind teaching people that have never done them that they aren’t actually that scary after all! We are looking to push higher level ones than we have previously as well.

None of us are dedicated PvP players. But if you’re looking to put together a team, we’ll support you and help you 100%!

We wanna halp! We want to build a guild where members are willing to help each other knock out whatever they need to get done. Or, we can help you learn to raid, or PvP, or do mythics and pluses. We don’t judge anyone for not ever having done these things, and we want to help you get into any new activity that you’ve been too scared to try previously! All you have to do is ask!

Our guild is non-toxic and inviting and lead by some of the friendliest, goofiest people you’ll meet in WoW. See our Values page to see what our expectations of guild conduct are. Then, when you’ve decided you want to hang with some of the most unknown yet friendliest, silliest people in the Wow, message us for an invite, and come along for the ride!

You can read up about us here and learn how to contact us here: heartandsoulcenarius.wordpress.com
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BfA is almost here and we are finishing up alts and working on MT's among other things. Come be excited with us! We are still recruiting any and all types of players!
We've got a great raid team underway! We are looking for some melee dps! We also are just looking for general member. Friendly fun people... we do it all, frans!
I would be interested in joining. This has been my main for quite some time, but still questioning what I will play in BFA. I have a Monk I am considering going with. My plans with BFA are actually to get more involved in dungeons (normal and heroic), as for mythics and raids, eh, I don't know.
I've filled out an application! Uh, you are Alliance, right?