<Heard Chef> Late-night West Coast 5/9M! Looking for more players for our Mythic raid team

Our Mythic raid team is currently seeking dedicated and skilled players to expand our roster.

We are in search of individuals who embody qualities such as reliability, personability, and a commitment to thorough preparation for each encounter. Our emphasis lies not only on performance but also on fostering a positive and collaborative environment. Therefore, we expect all members to maintain good attitudes, consistent attendance, and a willingness to engage with guild activities beyond raid hours, including Mythic+ runs.

As of now, our progression stands at 5/9M(Tue-Thu) and we are eager to Progress as far as we can in the current raid tier. Our guild places a high value on teamwork, effective communication, and the creation of a welcoming atmosphere that motivates everyone to give their best.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond raiding. Nightly Mythic+ dungeon runs provide a platform for dedicated players to challenge themselves and achieve greatness. Whether you are a seasoned Mythic+ veteran or looking to explore this exhilarating content, our guild welcomes players of all backgrounds.

Raid Schedule:
Raid Time: Tue/Thu 9PM-12AM PDT

Raid Team Currently Recruiting:
Tank: None
Healer: None
DPS: Mage or Shadow Priest

(All talented DPS are welcome to apply)

If you are interested or have any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to our friendly recruitment officer: Lusharude#1374. We would be delighted to engage in a conversation, address your questions, and provide more detailed information about our guild and its vibrant community.


Still looking for 2 strong healers. As well, 1 warrior and 1 monk. We could make 1 tank fit fir the right person. Hit us up.

Just sent a friend request to both bnets on your post… hope to chat with yas soon! :slight_smile:

Still looking for a few talented dps to round this team out. Looking for 1 warrior and ranged dps.

Just wanted to endorse my new guild here… so far, having since joined, everyone has been very cool/friendly/helpful… no complaints! Five stars - would raid here again! :wink:

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Still looking for a Tank and DPS!

BUMP this post up

Updated post with new recruitment spots.

Can confirm. Guild great. Raiding great. One of their hunters is a little suss though.

This is the way!

Needing DPS

Good guild, good people, I’d recommend applying

Sent friend request on battlenet to iaintdaplug. Name Lokito23

Hey Shackazam! Some of the recruitment info has changed haha, sorry for the confusion. Please reach out to Lusharude#1374 on discord and he can help you out.

HUGE need for a Shadow Priest and Mage! We’ve been clearing content together since beginning of the expac, and will continue to do so for many expansions in the future.

Oh thanks! Will reach out soon

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Bumpit! Higher~

Still need a Mage and Shadow Priest! Send me a DM and let’s talk about it.