Healz Looking for Mythic & Raid progression

I keep people alive

About me:

Raided heavily in vanilla through Lich King. Started with a Rogue ... Moved 2 a Shammy (Healz) ... and now a Priest (Healz). I am a healer... Really only played Holy on this priest but I am working on a deeper understanding of Disc also.

I am available from Monday - Friday 8 CST (6 server) till about 11ish CST (9 ish server) AND any time on weekends.

I am a 37 yr old Single dad with my 5yr old living with me. So I could fanagle other raid times but my schedule is pretty set in stone.

I am looking for a guild 2 push Mythic content and also raid content.

I am extremely laid back. I LOVE my current guild. Dauntless. Been with them since the beginning... many many years. Was Shaman class leader at one point. We are not really doing alot of raiding these days. I can say that this priest will belong to whatever guild snatches me up! :)

If you want a great, relaxed, drama free, long time wow player that takes time 2 understand my role, understand the fight etc. Hit me up :)

"Lets make azeroth great again!!!!!"

Lumi - Ceos
I got my 5 yr old to do pet battles when leveling my hunter, he loved it.

I wish WoW had an iOS/Android app so kids could fish for us on the tablets.

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