Healing & Support - preferred classes in raids, guilds & dungeons

I played in Vanilla but played way too many alts to advance far. Have played as Holy Priest or Resto Shaman as main ever since BC.

Here are 8 questions I would really value your input on.

  1. Were all healers utilized in end game raids/dungeons?

  2. Which healing classes were most utilitarian - and why?

  3. Which healing classes were in highest demand (I read Priest and I’d like to verify).

  4. Is it hard to join a guild if you’re a healer?

  5. Tanks what healing classes did you most prefer being supported with and why?

  6. DPS what healing classes did you most prefer being supported with and why?

  7. Healers, which healing class was the most complimentary to your own and why?

  8. Guild Leaders, what are you looking for when deciding to admit a competent healer to your guild?

Thank you!

Lexi :slight_smile:

  1. Yes. Most of the time not taking Druids was a case of how many can you find rather than not wanting them.

  2. All classes had some utility. Druids for BRs and Innervate, Disc or Shadow Priests for mana etc. Paladins/Shamans for buffs.

  3. In MC/BWL, Dorf Priests for fear ward. Other than that, the majority healers were Priests then Paladins/Shamans, but Druids were taken regularly too.

  4. No, just say you’ll run any dungeons they want.

  5. Depends largely on the fight. Priests by default. Heavy hit fights Paladins excelled. Thousand Paper Cut fights Druids excelled.

  6. Shamans for melee, for Windfury nothing to do with heals. I never got complaints as a Druid healing melee though.

  7. All of them. Two of the same class on a single target often was less effective than mixing and matching.

  8. Not in a guild for Classic, let alone leading one (yet). But I’d say knowing your class, showing up ready, and being willing to run instances with your team to help get pre-raid BiS and Flask making (running Scholo).

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