Healing Help

Hello i have a 110 mistweaver monk before i continue it im asking if anyone can help me decide between holy paladin or disc/holy priest and mw monk

What do you feel most comfortable playing? What content do you intend to persue?

If you own BFA , you don’t need to guess you can make 110 trial characters of all healers. Test them in the tutorial, dummy, and 15 min battle scenario with the Icy Veins priorities and talents. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask here.

If you pick Holy paladin, you’ll need to stay in melee range at all times. In the end game, you spend a ton of time out in the zones and will be using a dps spec. If you don’t like to melee, priest is the only one out of the three with ranged dps spec. Monk and pld have melee dps specs, and they also melee dps on their healing specs. Although MW can stay at range too.