Healer(s) LF AotC focused Raiding Guilds 8pm (PT) or weekend

Hello, I and my spouse have recently come back to the game and are interested in getting back into raiding. We last raided in BfA in a AotC focused guild and that is the level of play we are interested in. I want to raid, and my lady is considering it as well which is why you see the (s) above. I’m a holy priest with a shadow OS and she is a MW monk.

We are looking for a fun guild with a positive environment with whom we can learn and kill bosses. Our main goal is just to have a group of people we enjoy that we raid with a couple times a week. 8pm Pacific is the absolute earliest we can raid on weeknights. Daytime weekend raiding is an option. An optimal guild would be one that is just forming up or currently working their way through Heroic so we could take part in the raid tier from a learning perspective, but im open to any level of progression if the time and social aspects are a good fit.

If think you might be a good fit my discord is thoridan#5901