Healers and SS


that is what most of us go. Why? because you DPS. every lobby has one or more slobbering keyboard turners and we have to play with you

plus we go 3-3 and get zero

we go 2-4 and lose 40

we go 4-2 we gain 19

It is pointless to heal - there is literally zero reward for doing it.

not even worth playing

Edit: just went 3-3 and got zero - the other healer, same rating - 3-3 and got 41 points.

I just dont get it.

I am done healing until the MMR/rating is fixed.


Be fair theirs 0 rewards period if you dont do 3v3 lol. Casual players get the boot in pvp. I would raid if i wasnt watching a sick person. Because i have nothing to show for in dragonflight compated to shadowlands wen i raided, Can afk tank and get ksm mount and title.

Don’t que then

If I was a healer, and this was happening to me, I wouldn’t que RSS

Hell, I’m a dps and I don’t don’t que RSS

As a healer, you can easily find a 2s partner in LFG if you want to push 1800 for mog or cap your vault (which is ultimately unnecessary)

If every healer that complained about how RSS works for healers just stopped queing then maybe the devs would try to implement a change (even if there isn’t an apparent one that exists)

Either way, RSS is dead come TWW lmao


What is TWW?

The next expansion friend

Imagine how the 0-6 DPS feels :pleading_face:


Nobody thinks about that. I tend to feel a little bad for them, personally. Imagine being slapped around for 6 disheartening rounds.

Unforch I don’t have to imagine this scenario :slightly_frowning_face:

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I don’t need to imagine it. I mained Rsham week 1 of the expansion where every lobby was a melee stack who just ran at me every round. Lol


yeah, i quit. just got on today after thinking “hmm idk if i should heal ss but ill give it a shot” warrior doesn’t use defensives, evoker dies instantly without pressing a button, other dps doesn’t realize I’m cc’d and goes 80 yards away and dies.

I’m actually done with this game. We’ll see what happens with war within but deep down I know the games just garbage and I’m attached.

Best weak aura i have is it yells at me wen healer is cc’d. Base ui does not tell u at all. And if you are kinda new and not used to all the icons its very hard to tell if someone is cc’d. More a ingame problem than the player. But even if it told you i doubt most ppl would react anyways xD.

its the most important aspect of the match, why would dps even que if you dont know when your healer is cc’d?

You cant see it thats why i have a weak aura lol If you been playing for ten plus years maybe u can spot it i sure can’t.

Been playing swtor for ten years plus and jsut by the sounds i know excatly whats happening the proc, stuns, burst, or w/e maybe its like that for you in wow, Not for me.

Carried a feral to victory getting tunneled with double intercede. Bing healer cc i know they going him and big daddy there to intercede.

h ttps://swtor.jedipedia.net/en/abl/intercede lol literally the same ablitiy.