Healer mmr change reverted for solo shuff just to reduce q times, no mention of anything else lmao

no tuning this week it looks like
deflation here to stay


This is what they have to say after the fact that person literally said the issues are worse than season 2.

Yeah bro, nerf rdruid. :joy::joy:

Isn’t it extremely obvious by now that they need to stop capping mmr lmao it killed last season and it’s already killed this season and fix healer gains and rewards stop being so stingy lmao

What kind of non-response is that?


Lackluster response.

I hate responses that speak to a small portion of an issue. Let’s ignore the elephant in the room (deflation) and just talk about how they want to be “surgical” with the broken healer MMR system.

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Ok so this change was in last week/start of this week then? So the change did absolutely nothing for the 1700-2.1k range.

By higher ratings did they mean the issue you run into when you’re at the top of the ladder and can sometimes have multi hour ques?

We’re about a month into the season and still no meaningful tuning, no mmr aside the game just isn’t fun to play because they refuse to actually adjust specs.


Not…really that tweak I was hoping for. :dracthyr_nervous_animated:

So let me make sure I understand this.

No queues are popping at the top end of shuffle because healers can’t climb as high as dps due to the issues that have been discussed ad nauseum. So instead of fixing the healer MMR issues, they’re just going to match up the top dps with lower rated healers so they can get queues to pop? Got it.

Someone shoot me.


meanwhile the classic devs can lay out technical explanations why ashenvale is a bit of a mess in SoD on personal twitter accounts.

retail blue posts borderline gaslighting the playerbase is hilarious. shoving up the bottom healers to play with higher DPS is not the solution.


“we have no ideas about how to trick more people into queueing up healer and we will not entertain the idea of designing a game where dps are responsible for their own healthbars. instead healers will go back to playing in games their mmr doesn’t match”


They really do not want healers queueing.

wow this all the have to say wow wow

basically what they said is oh crap there is a huge twitter storm by all these r1s…ok lets do what venruki said and ease the gap for healer and dps disparity to shorten q times.
And then they told their community manager to act like they have been monitoring this… but really this was done on Friday night

Who wants to take bets that they are doing this because behind closed doors they know rated BGB is going to kill RSS anyway so they are ensuring the numbers stay low so people are mentally prepared


They’re missing the elephant in the room

Ah I noticed this, on my DH it was a 2460mmr lobby and our healers were 2300.

What kind of response is that worthless 3 lines of sentences strung together for no real purpose.

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We are forsaken. :dracthyr_a1:


we are lost