Healer Main

Hey all! I’m returning, and I’m torn between Priest, Druid, or Monk healer. I was wondering if you had any advice, or could sell me on a class. I would love to do all content effectively, particularly M+ and 2v2. Thanks!

All 3 are very viable right now in both 2v2 and M+ content.

We’re likely to see some balance in a patch soon - so hard to make any definitive call.

Currently the most popular of the 2v2 healers at a top level is probably druid.

In M+, Druid and Disc Priest are both doing very well in very high key. It’s more a preference thing - Druid’s definitely easier to pick up, but if you’ve healed disc before or don’t a bit of a learning curve, disc’s great too.

Monk is really solid, so if you enjoy it you should play it. It’s not much less popular than the other 2 at all, and it’s at a great balance point (and probably the least likely to see nerfs? But again that’s all up in the air).