[H][Destromath] <Phoenix Rising> 2/8M 8/8H Recruiting DPS for 10.1 Raid

Cross-Faction Welcome
Monday & Wednesday 8:30-11pm EST
Recruiting DPS for raid team
AOTC every tier + Mythic as far as we can go

Inclusive, midcore progression raid team, perfect mix of experienced and new raiders!

Please contact through Bnet: Spartacus#11529, Discord: Sparty#7585, or through in-game mail: Dreamfyre-Destromath for more information.

(18+ Guild)

We are a team that focuses on a team environment and strives to progress through raid to achieve AOTC each tier and push Mythic as far as we can. With an active crew, we do a lot together as a guild and have quite an active Discord. We have players who push high keys, some who do raid on off-nights, others who pvp, and some who can’t seem to stop leveling alts! In our spare time, we enjoy running mythic+ and the occasional alt raid, Mog run, and other guild events. Although we are mainly recruiting for raid, we are also looking to expand our mythic+ player base and keep those keys rolling along! Casual members who would like to join a guild just for fun and for camaraderie through guild chat and Discord are also very welcome.