[H]<Death By Elevators> Recruiting for SL

We are Death By Elevators, where falling to your death from an in-game elevator is not required, but let’s be honest, we’ve all done it!

We are actively seeking to fill our roster for 9.1.0 for both raiding and M+. We are casual players, but would like to push AOTC for the upcoming raid tier. Toxic negativity is not tolerated, and we aim to provide a calm and productive environment for learning mechanics and progressing through content as a team.

We will utilize M+ as a primary means to get gear, and get to know each others play styles. Perfection is not a requirement, as this is a means to learn and grow together as a team.

Although we all recognize that life comes first, we do have an expectation of putting forth effort to be prepared and participate to be considered for raids.

We are currently looking for all classes and specs. If you enjoy a laid-back casual experience, then we could be the home for you!

Tentative Raid Schedule: Tuesday (7PM - 10PM CST)

How to Apply:

  • Fill out an application in game through Guild Finder

  • Contact us though Battletags or Discord

Contacts: GhostPants#186854 (bnet); th4y3s#5315 (disc); BlueMagick#11733 (bnet); Rhelic#4591 (disc)

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Bumping. We are still looking for active members on both Blackhand and Galakrond! We are currently 10/10 normal nathria and 6/10 heroic alongside our sister guild Girls Gone WoW!

Please reply to this post or contact us through discord or bnet

th4y3s#5315 (discord)
Rhelic#4591 (discord)
GhostPants#186854 (bnet)
BlueMagick#11733 (bnet