HD Imp Models

The imp model is from 2004 and the fel imp model is from 2007. I think it’s time for HD versions of these 2 models. Felstalker got an upgraded model. Voidwalker did, too, and the succubus. My main man needs a visual upgrade.

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There’s HD imps in Argus and Antorus and various Legion content otherwise

So you know what would fix all our problems?

Warlock grimoire-stables

plz like/bump the thread since Blizzard is on a whole “class and race customization” thing


Imp Model is not from 2004, it got updated during WoD/Legion

Just compare the looks of the screenshots from 2007 to the one in 2016 here: https://www.wowhead.com/spell=688/summon-imp#screenshots


*squints * something is different about your toon

New xmog? new hair? what is it :V

Depending on when you last saw my model it can be one of those things or all of them.

Race changed from Velf to Human because the knife-ears puncturing every helm did annoy me to no end.
Gender swaped from Male to Female because a lot of mogs work better on female humans than male humans.
Finished the Emerald Nightmare Priest Mog who i am currently using on my Warlock.
New Hair.

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Iconic you look great uwu is the headcanon now that your toon was a Human Priest that went into the Void and vibed with Demons thereafter?

never considered RP implications, just felt like it.

i am considering going back to velf as they will have shor ears now too or faction changing to horde comes 9.1.5 and being a B.Elf the transmog the racial mog is rly good.

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