[H][Casual / Social] <Loot the Dog> - new / returning player-friendly guild recruiting

Are you afraid of saying, “I don’t know,” “I’ve never been here before,” or “I’m not sure what I’m doing?” Are you tired of random people being toxic because you don’t already have every dungeon, every mechanic, every class ability, talent build, stat priority, enchantment, blah blah blah memorized? Are you more interested in a social “gaming night” than bragging rights or being the “best” or “top” whatever? Are you happy to just patiently help your fellow players learn and in turn learn from them? Do you play Horde?

Then Loot The Dog - Azuremyst wants you!

You can find our Discord at discord.gg/atkfsWW. There are some public channels to read the guild mission statement and goals, ask questions, and participate in general chat that guests and members alike can see.

We found the game was the most fun when nobody was in a hurry to do anything, nobody cared about gear, consumable farming, the best spec, the optimal gear, or committing to a second-job-like schedule. The upper end of the game is very demanding, in both retail and Classic, and frankly, that’s just not for us. On the flipside, grouping up with random people has a notorious reputation for toxicity, with everyone jumping down your throat if you don’t already know everything and play perfectly.

We’ve got 9 members at the moment, with about 4 or 5 of us regularly active and have been playing together as people are available and want to. We’re scheduling party sync dungeons each week, which means players of any level can play together as if the content was a normal difficulty level for everyone involved. We’re also scheduling max-level dungeons so that the veterans or fast levelers can keep trying to progress their character. An end goal come Shadowlands is to group up with 10-20 people once or twice a week for some “weekly game night” atmosphere - if normal difficulty is our speed, awesome. Sure, we can all find PuGs doing “easy” content every week, but it’s nice to build a social list of people to just hang out and have a weekly game night with. Have a beer, shoot the breeze, play some games, super low stress - can’t make it every week or even all that often? No worries! As long as we have our minimum, we’re good to go.

I will take people saying they don’t feel comfortable speaking on Discord, in guild chat, in raid chat, or showing up to raids because of someone else’s attitude very seriously. We will not discriminate on age, skill level, how long you’ve been playing the game, gender, anything - just be a positive member of the community. We’ll all treat each other with the attitude that saying, “I don’t know” is a perfectly acceptable thing to say. Making mistakes is fine - in game or interpersonally. What’s important is learning from them and growing as a player and as a person. Nobody is perfect, we all have bad days, we all have different skill levels.

You can find us in Discord (linked above), find us in the guild recruitment tool (search “Loot The Dog”), or mail me in game on Astralbear-Azuremyst.

You’re more than welcome to come try us out for a bit and, if it’s not to your tastes, leave with no hard feelings, too! We want you to enjoy your game time - it’s supposed to be for fun and relaxation.

If you’ve made it this far, then thank you very much for taking the time to read the post. Whether you’re interested or not, from one stranger to another, I hope you’re having a good day and I wish you well.