[H]<Cabal> Semi-Hardcore |15/15 Naxx | LF Resto Sham, Mage, & Shadow Priest| T/Th 8:30p-12 EST

I’m interested! Friend me on Disc to send me a message Saga#9499 or my battle net is bellagrace#1300.

I am interested in having my resto shaman alt boosted. Is that a service you supply?

Just get back in the van…

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I heard a rumor that you need at least 1-2 more mages, lock, DPS warrior, 2 rogues, and another healer (maybe?).

Amazing the things you hear when you’re out driving around in the van :slight_smile:

We possibly are looking for 1-2 mages, a DPS warrior, 2 rogues and a resto sham

Last I heard, you got a binding from a butt pull.

Getinthevan is the “gossip girl” of Mankrik

Am I Blake Lively or Taylor Momsen? Doesn’t really matter, they both rock!

What specs are you still looking for?

He’s above average.

Oh is he? Does he also drive a van?

Come join the guild that the headmistress of Saga FD School presides. Saga.

still looking for rogues mages and a resto sham

He used to. Now he drives a big red F-250 because 'Merica!

Does the truck have either a deer head/hunting sticker in the back window or an eagle/american flag sticker?

As a true 'Murican, it has a Calvin peeing on something.

Calvin and Hobbs… is that still a thing? You’re dating yourself.

It is Hobbes, thank you very much, and will do anything for a tuna fish sandwich. He’s kinda stupid that way.

Nothing wrong with a good tuna fish sandwich. But on toasted bread.

I agree. Warm food > cold food.

Except for ice cream