HC death transfers

has there been any word if the free transfers on a dead character can go to pvp servers or only pve?

they can pretty much go to any era server from my knowledge

They did list what servers you can transfer to.

perfect, thanks.

Is it just me or is the free transfer option not easily viewable? Im trying to transfer my dead hardcore character to an Era realm and there’s no shop option at the character screen. And the transfer option at the store from the battle.net app is requiring 18$ to transfer the character so that cant be right? Please help!

he thought he could rez for free

oh sweetie :expressionless:

I’m having the same problem. I can’t find the free transfer option. All of them cost money.

Free character transfer should be free :wink: And they still are free EU side.

Found it. You have to do it from the character select screen “Shop” button.