Haven't played since Burning Crusade

Hi there, I havnt played since BC. My once lvl 70 character is now level 27 and my gear seems to be useless. Can anyone point me in a direction? maybe good vids to watch to catch up?

A lot of things have been added to account-wise collections such as mounts, battle pets (formerly called non-combat pets), toys, heirloom gear, and transmog. These can all be accessed from the collections interface (the horseshoe icon on the micro menu.) So, you should log onto all of your characters. A lot of the stuff will be learned automatically when you log into a character. (Transmog can take a bit of time to populate the first time, so hang out on each character for a few minutes.)

When it comes to gear, you may just have to struggle a bit until you get your ilvl up at 27. There really aren’t any easy vendor type options at that level, and I suspect that heirlooms will be more gold than you want to spend right now. The gear deficit shouldn’t be too big of a deal at 27 though. For questing, Mists of Pandaria and later will be the best bet for gearing, as later expansions have more consistent quest reward gearing than earlier ones.

For leveling, the best option is probably going to be to turn on Chromie Time and pick and expansion. You need a level 60 character to unlock Chromie Time on your account. Some people with max level characters from old expansions were grandfathered in and have access. I’ve also been told that making a level 60 trial character will satisfy the unlock criteria. To turn it on, you talk to Chromie. She’s marked by an hourglass icon on the map. In Stormwind, she’s near the Embassy which is strait out the exit to the lake area in the Dwarven District. In Orgimmar, she’s also near the Embassy, which is where the Troll Part of Orgrimmar used to be. (It’s now the Goblin part.)

Warlords of Draenor might be a good place to start given you last played in Burning Crusade. It can be fun to see a different version of Draenor, and the leveling content is pretty self contained. (Legion is also great story-wise coming from Burning Crusade, but a lot of that story is end game content which you won’t see while leveling.)

How servers work has changed, and there are some new server systems to be aware of. There are connected realms, cross-realm zones/sharding, and cross-realm groups.

Connected realms are realms that effectively act as a single realm. They share an Auction House, and you can join guilds and trade with people from any of the realms connected to yours. Medivh is connected to Alleria, Khadgar, and Exodar. In this case, think of server names as a character’s last name for the purpose of sending mail and such.

Cross-realm zones/sharding is a technology that allows them to create different shards of a zone. They can use this to split people up to allow for high loading times, or use it to smoosh people from different realms together to help populate a low population zone (like many leveling zones.)

Cross Realm grouping is the ability to form groups with people on other realms in the region. (So, any North American, Oceanic, and Latin American realms.) Most content can be done in such groups, the main exception being Mythic Raiding until 100 guilds have cleared the content.

There’s a bit less friction between the factions now. You can do cross-faction grouping for instance content. All Auction Houses are not cross-faction, and you can main stuff to your own characters across factions on the same server.

Another change to the Auction House is the commodities (leather, ore, and such) are now region-wide, not just server based. Non-commodities are still server-based.


Wow, great response! Thanks so much!

Great response there, thank you!

Excellent Introduction to Newcomers and for Returning Players :slight_smile: