Have u done yer Taxes?

But …cafe losses but staying positive is always a plus :laughing:

I got all my stuff from work ready but ever since my hubby started working at home he hasn’t kept his paperwork straight and can’t do his. Keeps saying he is going to do this and that and get it done but nothing happens. Sort of making me nervous.

Yup, and got enough back to put half in savings and spend the other on a new proper gaming rig. Pretty pleased tbh, the macbook was good to me for a lot of years but she’s getting old and her fans run louder now on retail than the volume goes up lol.

Or you/your accountant are very good at itemizing deductions.

Turbo tax was annoying this year but Hubby and I did ours and should have refund next week or the following.

im way past the point of ever getting a refund so i always wait lol

State’s just gonna eat my return, so I’ll get to it eventually.

I couldn’t agree with this more.

When I was an accounting student, even first year, we’d get extra credit for doing taxes for low income families. The course to be a “certified tax professional” took about an hour and used similar software to H&R Block and other types of places.

The people there doing your taxes, for the most part, only have experience in following the companies software. It’d be no different than if you entered it yourself for all the actual training they get. They aren’t accountants and they aren’t required to have any actual accounting experience or education. Just training on the company software.

If you are going to pay someone to do your taxes, go see an accountant.

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Did them last week. Always get them done first opportunity.

I hate having things like that hanging over my head.

I don’t have any earned income so I don’t have to

Yeah, I did. My tax situation isn’t complicated, though, so I do it as soon as I get my W-2 and it takes me like half an hour.

I’m all done and don’t owe anything. Getting back.

You’re teaching me more than I learn in school, in fact, everybody on this forum is

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Haha very funny minimod. Are you going to go in the other “off topic” threads too?

The ones about FFXII

Already got my refund.

Already spent my refund.

So what did you get me? :smiley:

We got our refund this week. Felt so good to have it done early.