Have they removed WM bonus from dailies?

As per title, noticed yesterday and again today I have stopped getting bonus Coalescing Visions when in war mode.


We’d like to confirm that, yes, the expected War Mode bonus for Visions of N’Zoth Daily Quests has been disabled since Thursday.

This was necessary for our team to work to quickly fix a different issue. Our top priority right now is addressing these concerns, and we expect to restore all intended functionality in the coming days.

War Mode and the bonuses granted by War Mode in all other content are unaffected.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.


Nice to get some confirmation, thanks for the communication and response on this issue.

Hope to see it return soon :slight_smile:


Funny cause I never got any bonuses SINCE the patch went live.

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3 days later


While I’m sympathetic to the apparent “in-house” mess that Activision is causing, this patch is not Blizzard Quality level of content.

Sad to see this happening.


What is the point of doing them in warmode then with no bonus ? The bonus was there because you had to deal with the world pvp.

Any chance of fixing the warmode bonus so it takes current population into account?

Oceanic players are constantly outnumbered by Alliance who also get a massive warmode bonus because we are tied to US realms (and it is not based on live population).

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Every shard is different.

You are saying shard by shard, the bonus for warmode is different?

No the population is. We had a shard the other day that alliance was outnumbered 20:1 which I guess is normal on US realms.

OC alliance really have it so good though
We get 20 - 30% bonus and extra pvp quests and can be basically pve mode and when we want to do CTA quests we can jump to a US realm that is overrun with horde and get it done in 2 mins.

Thats my entire point.


Welcome to NA alliance. U can always form your own group or TURN OFF warmode

QQing/complaining need not apply.

@Kaivax, in your efforts to restore intended functionality, will that also include restoring lost bonuses to all of us that completed these dailies in WM?

Of course you won’t get any of that. You kids crack me up with ignorant questions like this.

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Hi Alex, I’ll go for what are PTRs for 500 please.


I feel you. Its really lopsided most of the time, its either all horde no alliance or Vise Versa. its been that way since Naj.

I understand the system is lopsided, which is why the bonus gets skewed to try to correct risk vs reward.

In the oceanic region specifically the smartest of us are exploiting the system by transfering/rerolling Alliance specifically because during Oceanic Prime Time we both get a incredibly favourable bonus combined with a 5:1 playerbase… i.e we can double dip on the rewards by being Alliance… because we are grouped in NA region which is mostly horde, the peak/offpeak population skews the data but it is never adjusted in game.

so the Alliance get the bonus because they are in the minority… except in Oceanic realms where they dominate. Have you tried changing that around? also, what is to stop people from doing the bulk of the daily (kill 19/20) in WM off, then switching to WM on for the bonus?

I hope they take this seriously. Patches always have bugs, (and Blizz eventually get to fixing them and getting things sorted) but there are far too many things that they released in a non-functional state this patch.

This patch has had some major quality issues. Patch 8.1 also had major quality issues. The launch of the expansion also had some major quality issues.

I still remember quite comically at the beginning of BFA the M+ cache started out rewarding players based on their activity the last week of Legion…

Blizzard are under a lot of pressure and facing a lot of issues. But they need to do better, quality wise, with their releases. Looking back over BFA, I find it’s quality of releases has been consistently poor.