Have the dev's mentioned

i am being cool. i like hazel :smiley:

He very clearly laid out his No, it was a hard no from him, it just had an unsaid “not at this time” attached to it in my mind, but he made his case as to why he said No to doing them, good thing it was never just up to one person really, or that they could change their stance.

Because just about every other time since then, for the most part they avoided saying No again, and tried to keep it open more or less.

Yah not his best day by any means, he put his foot in his mouth pretty bad.

ah right on, kind of thought so, though she isn’t planning on playing, very happy for everyone who wants it though :O)

yeah i had a battlepet phase and she was my go to expert

yah she is pretty good for that for sure.

I’d like to see TBC servers, imho it was the height of the game. Ally got shammies, horde got paladins, outland endgame was amazing and rewarding.

As fond as I am for wotlk, it was the start of modern wow tbh.

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You can read into it all you want. But he never said it was out of the question. If you can find evidence otherwise, please link.

did his no mean anything but No to you? Did his explanation make you think he was planning on it?

He was probably more on the mind that it was going to be too much work at the time, and like I said, i always felt there was an unsaid “not at this time” to his whole spiel anyway.

You forget I was the one who for the longest time kept saying that they never said no outright, and the Wall of No should really have been named, the Wall of Not Now :O)

It meant ‘no, we haven’t thought about it and have no plans.’ Which is why you can’t draw a parallel to Ion saying additional level 60 content has no chance of happening.

Look, I understand peoples’ desires. There was a brief time where I was on the fence about ‘Classic+’. I thought it might be interesting. Then I read players’ ideas and suggestions. And now I’m dead set against it. Just in this thread there’s a dozen examples of things that, if implemented, would cause me to immediately unsub and never play Classic again.

What Blizz should do is simply recreate the old expansions as separate, optional entities (probably with a one-time character copy). I have no great love for TBC or Wrath, but I’d like them a Hell of a lot more than the abomination that would be Classic+.

It would obviously have to have limits on who can vote. Like you have to have a lvl 60 and X amount of time at lvl 60, done most of the content, etc. Structure it how you will, but the idea is the community that fought for classic should have the voice in how it progresses, if at all. It may be politically incorrect, but they would have to limit who can vote.

The problem with player input, or more specifically when you start talking about “the herd” and resulting mentality is 99 times out of 100, the herd is going to choose the option that makes things more convenient for them.

Which points us right back to Retail wow, Convenience Feature after Convenience Feature after Convenience Feature after Convenience feature. The vast majority of which were implemented at the insistence of vocal groupings of those very same players.

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While i see your concern, we’ve already gone through what you’re worried about. I can’t see the future, but i highly doubt the community that fought for classic and would continue to play it would vote for anything that leads the game down the retail path.

Blizz has already stated they won’t add anything after nax, which I’m completely fine with. So this is all hypothetical.

Nah, he meant not, and I did not catch the connection you had made with Ion, I was only responding to the fact that they did say no and not at all to that part of it at all.

But I understand what you are saying with all of it , so we are good.

I would much rather them go on with BC/Wrath myself as well.

That’s where things get “messy” from a design and flow perspective(Because it opens up further exploration of the Defias Banditry and Gnolls in Elwynn for example, rather than moving on to Westfall at level 10, so now you might be able to continue questing in Elwynn through level 20 instead for example). It opens other doors that may or may not be particularly good.

For example: The battlefront concept could see implementations in certain zones as well as an outgrowth of that, such as in Ashenvale. But not having played that content in BfA as of yet, I have no meaningful PoV or investment on that other than I can see that being a major design headache with regard to “immersion problems.” How do you allow BOTH Alliance and Horde to “progress” through phases in a particular zone, and keep both of them internally consistent? How do you address this on a PvE realm vs a PvP enabled one? What about the ones with wild population disparities?

You’re assuming the community that will be voting is comprised of a majority of players who are opposed to going down that road again.

oh that would freshen up lower level questing since itd be brand new content but directly related to the same content thats been there for years. dont forget murlocs. haha. heres some mechanical additions that might be interesting:

  • weight limitations for carrying capacity in bags or armor/weapons that has to be magnified either via a stat addition to cloth/leather/mail/plate armor, jewelry, enchants, food recipes or scrolls. this would add new content for lower level professions. maybe have to complete dungeons to find recipes that let you make tailored bags with carrying capacity boosts tagged onto them. whatever class gets played the least on horde/alliance, give them a buff they can give others to increase carrying capacity.

  • in some games, being over the weight limit would slow your movement or even decrease your armor rating, decrease your strength, your dodge, your agility, or all of the above. so it would be important to keep carrying capacity up as high as possible.

  • separate mount tab would be important so it doesnt break immersion, since carrying a horse in a bag is not quite right. could really complicate it instead, by adding mount stables you have to visit to select the mount you plan to ride, similar to hunter pet stables. there’d be a mount stable master in various places through out the game world.

  • language translation as a secondary profession, so we can understand what things like mrgrgrl means. increase proficiency by reading the various books scattered around the game, like the books in the sm library or scholomance. :sunglasses: