Haste or other skills Cap

Is there a certain number when things are capped at?
Like is there a haste cap or can i keep adding haste equipment?

You can keep adding Hasre indefinitely, BUT

  1. After a certain point, some other secondary stat will be worth more to you
  2. Blizzard have established diminishing returns on secondary stats, so for example if an extra 500 Haste gives you 1% extra Haste, after a certain point, the next 500 Haste will give you only an extra 0.9% Haste.

This all gets very complex, and also relates to your talents build, so unless you are in very high content, it probably won’t be worth much to you practically.

You ar resto, at least as I look at your armoury now. Have a look at Icy Veins page explaining secondary stats for Resto Druids https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/restoration-druid-pve-healing-stat-priority

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When it comes to haste, there is effectively a cap at the GCD. (You can make your spells cast faster than the GCD, but you’ll still have to wait out the GCD to cast the next one.) I don’t know that any classes are in much danger of hitting that, though, and it would only even be close during windows with multiple extra haste buffs like Bloodlust.

For some classes where haste reduces key cooldowns, there might be some soft breakpoints where you can slide an extra cast into a burst window, but as Grainne said, stuff like that is only an issue at very advanced levels of play.

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OK, I will start considering adding other stats as my haste is not going any lower than 1 sec (as opposed to 1.4 which was the original spell cast i think)

Thanks for the info.