Haste and energy

Does stacking haste lead to a net increase in energy or decrease? Or no change? You attack faster (use more energy) but also regen more energy. Does it even out?

More haste = more energy = more attacks = more damage.

Any amount of haste (on the positive side) is going to be a net gain.

10 energy per second at a base

10% haste = 11 energy per second.

Doesn’t matter how many attacks you use, haste will always result in a net gain of energy

Just to expand on this for clarity

20% = 12 energy per second
30% = 13 energy per second

However, to get that much Haste, you have to give up stats somewhere else.

For the most part yes

And I’d say 50/50. This late in the expansion it’s not hard to get 30% in a specific category. Some class/specs hit it easier than others due to how their start weights fall

Edit: don’t look at it at the base of energy gained per second, but instead per minute or X minutes.

Say you’ve got 20% haste, and an 8 minute Raid fight. Every 5 seconds you’re getting a free “10 energy” - that’s an extra 120 a minute. Or 960 over the course of the raid fight.

If your average energy cost per move is roughly 35, that’s an extra 27 abilities you can use throughout the fight

I agree. getting 30% or more isn’t difficult. You just have to sim it to make sure you get a good stat balance.

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Sorry Tav, it’s early morning for me lol thought you were the OP. I’m sure you know everything I mentioned. But it doesn’t hurt to leave it up for the OP :slight_smile:

Outlaw rogues get a lot of passive haste through azerite traits (overwhelming power), alacrity, and essences (focusing iris), and adrenaline rush. If you don’t have ideal gear and essences and are low on haste/feel energy starved, I would run vigor until you are more comfortable. To answer the question directly, as said above haste does increase energy generation but at what cost? I think crit and versatility will serve you better then stacking haste in most situations.

I reread the OP and noticed he didn’t clarify spec. I am unfamiliar with sin at a high level so my advice may or may not apply in that case

His opening questions applies to all classes and all specs though.

Does stacking haste result in a net increase in energy or a decrease?

Any amount of haste will always result in an increase.

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