Has there even been ANY community outreach?

Yet another way in which blizzard is completely failing

I don’t know which server your guild chose, but we’ve known for over a week that realms marked full would have an excessive wait time.

We switched from Herod to Stalagg when they asked everyone to move… So now we should move to a new server again?

They need to start layering the login server. KappaHD

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Grom never hit “full” yet an 8k+ queue is present.

But what do you want to hear?

They told you days ago if you dont want to move then you’re going to wait.

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If it were me, I’d post just the facts, tack on some conciliatory boilerplate, and be done.

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“sorry we were idiots about under estimating Classic’s popularity. We’re going to stop throttling logins so that people who have been stuck in queues for almost 6 hours can finally play”


They have known this was going to be a nightmare since they started letting us create toons and reserve names. They had no excuse, 15 years and they haven’t learned a damn thing.

That’s what my friends and I did. I logged off for dinner, waited in a 30 min queue, and got back in. I understand not wanting to switch to a different realm, but I knew it was pointless to wait in a queue that was at 12k.

there was a blue post explaining that the “medium” is incorrect, the servers have smaller pop caps that modern servers, so the server is full but the system is still showing medium cus of the mismatch.

Are you already in a raiding guild with 40 players?

Where is this throttling theory coming from? Must be from people not in the game, because these servers are packed full.

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From the realm status page showing all populations at medium

Maybe they’ll make the intern in charge of auto-logout post it

THis should clarify the “medium” issue

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You can check without losing your place in queue. I’ve been doing it every few minutes. Just don’t know if the new realms autopopulate or if I need to back ALL the way out to see them. Nothing yet.

clearly you mean 24k*

They already opened 5 new ones 3 hrs ago and about to add another 3.
Go play on one of those and stop moaning ffs.
Remember when blizz said hours a few days ago to log in. I am also in queue since 2.30pst does not matter to me.
I already expected tonight would be like this. If you can’t handle this you won’t be able to play vanilla. No Easy mode sorry.