Has the Maiden of Grief’s comment stuck with any of you?

I remember hearing her say, “ So much lost time… that you’ll never get back! ” way back in Wotlk. Still to this day, as I play WoW her line comes to mind.

To add on, I really haven’t been enjoying this game in years. Other than Cities Skylines I really don’t play any other games, so it’s got a supper bleh feeling to it.
But yeah, lately I’ve tried leveling up new classes but every time i do, there it is on repeat in my head, “ So much lost time… that you’ll never get back! ”

I think I may finally be burnt burnt out.

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Meh, try breaking up the monotony, maybe go out in nature. I like to go on hikes when I feel like that. Take breaks and mix things up.

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i do shamanic things irl when im not doing shamanic things ingame

Yeah Brunow, there’s no shame in spending your time in other ways. I think that since WoW has such a huge social component, we forget that we should set it aside when we don’t want to play anymore, just like any other game. Go do something else and chill! It’s important that you feel like your time is well spent.

Oh, and to answer your question, I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered that line in the game before. :joy: I was a super-casual player when WotLK was out. Didn’t get through even half the quests.

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Haven’t logged into WoW in over a month. What down time I have, has been spent playing CoD. It’s a nice change of pace to go back to my FPS roots from the 90’s.


When a game starts feeling like an obligation instead of something fun, I try to take a step back for a while.


I have 370 days of play time on this character. And I have played it like maybe 10 hours since WOD. :man_shrugging:

I’m pretty much in the same boat. My burn out isn’t really from over play. It’s more so my indecisiveness. What class, what spec, what name, what faction, what realm. Like really, ever since returning I’ve really been spinning. And replaying exiles reach to always miss be Missing one piece of the armor set from there, it’s just getting old.

(For someone who doesn’t RP i have some crazy fixation on race, class, name combination) I’ve leveled toons up to max and then decide, “nah, that shouldn’t be his name.” Then delete it.


That is RP Brunow. You just keep it to yourself. Install TRP3 and start keeping info in there about your character. You don’t have to interact with other people and do walkup RP, but it’s still fun to see what characters people come up with and makes the server feel more alive.


definitely take a break and come back when you get the urge.

Can’t agree with McFrizzen more! As an added bonus, TRP allows you to change your character’s name for free. No more deleting and restarting — just toss a new name into your profile and see how you like it!