Has Guardian Druid Been Abandoned In Dragonflight?

The talent tree is the worst in Dragonflight right now, It needed a rework and it didn’t get one.

The biggest issue the tree has is pathing. Going one side of the tree literally locks you into one way of play.

They just updated the tree, but just separated 2 talents into a left and right pick going down into Incarnation, Okay…what now?

The tierset 2 pc and 4pc bonus are woefully disappointing too. I’m in a position where I’ve never been this underwhelmed by Guardian Druid. Has the spec, talent tree, and design been completely abandoned?


I wouldn’t say it’s abandoned, but they clearly have no interest in actually doing anything with it for whatever reason. Blizzard’s callous disregard for business continuity put this entire spec in jeopardy and the only people to blame are them.


Honestly I am worried about this as well as our class tree, like I get the shareholders are probably to blame and I only feel really bad for the devs. I hope we all receive updates for the two trees that need it the most, as 3 month old trees without any iterations is just really bad to go live with.


Oh ya they hate bear and its players. They seemingly just want it too become worthless especially with that trash teir set.

Do you guys not pay attention at all? Druid is being updated its just not out for gaurd. Boomie is already.

What are you even talking about?

Citation, evidence?

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The devs twitter.

Care to share which twitter or tweet you’re vaguely trying to refer to?

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On my phone at work so not sure how to do that but if it helps limit max mentions it in his class video so you can catch it from him.

I actually have enjoyed bear tanking in the Beta leveling from 60. I haven’t done harder content and that may be where bear fails, I don’t know.

The only things which Max mentions regarding druid was:

  1. New moonkin tree
  2. Removal of 3 point nodes
  3. Rework of Furor
  4. And potentially, a druid tree post

Thus far we’ve only seen (1) and (3) and frankly even if they do all 4, that doesn’t address what this thread is about, which is specifically Guardian druid.

And before you come back and say “Oh Max said they intend to address class issues in later builds of the xpansion in .1” and so on, I’m sorry but that doesn’t fly for me and many other people in the game all because they “ran out of time” when they could have instead properly managed their time across all 38 specs rather than dump as much as they did into the same subset of specs week after week.


if your a m plus guy like me this bear is doomed on higher keys mangle being the focus on the tier set bonuses is just crap on aoe which is what mplus basically is… swipe does more damage than mangle so its not used much, this is just a waste of a tier bonus. A bears health pool is huge the healing proc u get you won’t even see it. The pathing on the tree just doesn’t feel good compared to all other tank trees.


Yup i did some math on it and the heal is soo low that 5% dmg reduction would outheal it if you simply just take around 100k dmg (going based on df mangle damage of around 5k from heroic) over the course of its cd.
And thats if you are pressing mangle every time its up even in aoe.
Which means that just simply having a tiny bit more vers would outheal this. Basically every tank teir set that gets dmg reduction is better.
Id rather gain an extra 2% dmg reduction then this teirset. Atleast i wont have to waste a global on a trashy single target ability in aoe just to use my teirset.

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Could you at least share the dev’s name so we can look it up ourselves? I’m assuming the tweet you’re talking about isn’t buried that deep.


At this point, if there isn’t a complete rework on the druid class tree and the guardian tree. I feel like there’s just a complete lack of choice. The entire guardian spec is going right and then going left. You never go down the middle. We’ve also lost so many utility spells because of the way the class spec has been designed. Feels bad.


I am sad to see how ignored bears are. I honestly expected the rework to be announced yesterday with the beta build but clearly they aren’t going to be fixing the big issues with the class/spec tree for bears anytime soon.

This is my thought: I personally think maul should just be flat out removed. It’s been useless for many many xpacs at this point and basically ignored for years. I personally think mangle should just become the spender and the other generators be buffed to compensate for losing mangle as a generator. In my eyes, they serve the same purpose (aside from one being a builder and the other a spender at the moment) but mangle is always the bigger priority and it actually has an interaction with incarn. I would love to see talents buff mangle and add a bleed management component as well.
I would also love to see GG made baseline or just a passive leveling upgrade for moonfire. I do think having options to buff GG like FoN + EN are great and harken back to the Legion bear with the cloak and boomy shoulder option (my fav combo of the xpac tbh, it felt so good).

I think the talent choices should be pushed into focusing on one of 3 playstyles:

  1. Incarn damage windows/amps. Clearly the burst-focused and less sustained damage option. Also doubles as a defensive window for big tank-buster type hits but is less self-sustainable on a whole and should require more healer focus outside of the incarn window.
  2. Less burst and more sustained damage overall with leech healing through GG focusing. This would be the opposite of the above and more about surviving more constant sustained damage at the trade-off of being able to easily live through a huge tank buster mover. Should still be achievable but more dangerous against those scenarios requiring better overall CD usage or the need for externals. This style would require less constant healing and more recovery healing from larger hits instead.
  3. A more dps forward option focused on stance swapping. This could further split focus into catweaving (incarn focus) or owlstitching (gg focus) and would be the biggest risk and reward style with the most planning needed. With this, maybe cat would have a small mini-defensive bolstered window of a few seconds after swapping to allow you to apply the bleeds in m+ or scenarios where you’re the active tank without risk of being one shot and the choice would be if you can push past that window (if you’re off tanking or able to kite) or not. With owl it would be more of a push-back, slow, cc focus window that allows you to put up the dots and toss out a few direct spells before needing to make the choice of when to go back into bear to survive.

If they did this right, I would be back to wanting to main a bear in an instant and I feel all 3 playstyles would feel different, be useful, and have a different purpose. I think this base work is well established in the game for it, it’s just poorly implemented. Too much is put into maul (vomits) and the incarn vs gg focus is there but not really fleshed out as well as it could be…

The most fun I ever had on a bear was in WoD and Legion where I would catweave often on farm/progression and in lower/mid m+ content (Legion) where I could risk burning a small CD to toss some rips and rakes without dying. Knowing when to push that is a skill cap and super fun. The druid is all about shape shifts anyways, so why not put a really hard and fleshed-out focus on that for us?