Has customer support went on strike? 6 days with no response

I can neither confirm nor deny that every time I go to Gorgrond, for any reason, I stop off and kill Bashiok.

I also don’t get involved with the Magrum vs. Gelkis clan war, because I don’t want to anger the Vrakthris.


Skycaller Vrakthris is associated with the Galak tribe… though I hear there are some pretty nifty centaurs in Dragonflight, I might have to see if they can adopt me into their clan. :smiley:


I doubt the venerable skycaller of the Galak clan is much concerned with the petty maneuvering and internecine warfare of lesser clans.

Editing to add: the DF Centaur do look fascinating, from both lore and gameplay perspectives.


Hello, can you maybe get someone on the tech support forum to look at the Verizon lag thread?There’s a lot of people in there with the same issue. Your the only blue name I’ve seen that’s consistently in the threads. Thank you for what u do

The folks who monitor the CS Forum aren’t the same as those who do Technical Support. I don’t know what their hours look like right now.

Generally speaking, if Verizon users are experiencing latency it is usually best to contact them so it can be looked into. Hopefully, someone will be around soon to check it out, if they aren’t already.