Has anyone actually recieved Beta

I think it’s lunch on lunch time.

It wont be on the side tab. You’ll have to select Beta from the drop down menu, usually where PTR is.

There was a post where they said it wont be via email. It will be via the bnet client.

Going to assume the invites aren’t out yet as it’s like noon at their office, maybe 1, and people would be showing off screenshots of they had them already. That or they are actually only giving invites to streamers and YouTube folks and just decided to tell the rest of us we had a chance because they want people to be mad lol. I just can’t believe it’s the second option and assume that we will see invites around 3pm their time, giving them a chance to look at who was picked by the algorithm and make secondary selections. I get alpha and beta invites regularly the last few expansions and have been playing since lauch yetbi don’t expect to get in no matter how much I hope for it. That being said I’m sure some people like me will get in because I have beaten the odds the last few times apparently despite not being a streamer lol. Just chill folks, and refresh that inbox/spambox


Roxane would you link this?? For BFA alpha I got an email.

They didn’t say that. They just said there are no transferable keys and that beta access is automatically applied to the accounts.

I would assume a email would go out as well.

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Where is the proof

Are you making a claim that you get a Beta invite?

Did I personally get a beta invite? No.
Do I have access to the beta anyways? :upside_down_face:

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Disregard this troll


Do you have a friend with access? If you can, check grounding totem and how it works with LOS of player and enemy.

Hypothetically, if I had a friend with access, I’ll let you know when he gets tired of it (and when I’m off work).

I got a feeling that this guy is trying to pretend he has friends so we think hes cool.


Really looking for evidence of all these claims being made oi

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Im about to break out MS paint and make a fake screenshot


I’ve been playing with the same group of people since 2012. Not sure why people think “having a guild” is such an achievement lmao

Classic doesn’t have achievements, mans.


Oh, so you’re not just toxic in my forum, seems like you just go around and read forums to be toxic to everyone… seems like you’re just a… well… a dick. I hate to say that about someone, but man, we’re all human mate. calm your anger.

Did you reply to the wrong person?