[H][Area-52]<Eternal Rise> Recruiting for SL

Hello! If you are a returning player, or looking for a new home and your goal is to get Cutting Edge in Shadowlands we may be the guild for you! -Eternal Rise- is a new guild on Area 52 lead by multiple CE experienced players, we are looking for select classes to fill our roster in Shadowlands, in the mean time we will be clearing Heroic Nyalotha weekly and Mythic+ while we build our community.

Raid Times (In Shadowlands): Tues/Thurs 8pm-11pm est

Recruiting (High):


If you have any questions or interested and don’t see your class listed above feel free to get in contact, we are always looking for quality players! :slight_smile:

Contact Info: Bnet Grace#1550

Great group of people! Looking to grow, hit us up

Updated with current needs, our roster is looking great so far!

Boop. Did some fun M+ last night

Still looking for great players to join us in SL! :slight_smile:

To the top.

Primarily looking for mages, boomys, and a demon hunter! :slight_smile:

We share doggo pics.

Where the wizards at?

We share doggo pics.

Only need a couple more solid players and we will be ready to go in SL! :slight_smile:

Fun people, we hang out and m+ or dailies

Looking for a priest boi!

Hi, we are recruiting the things

We have a couple of spots left for dps! :slight_smile:

Sure! Go ahead and add me or leave your Bnet info.

We are looking for the things

We are looking strong for SL, only have a few more spots open mainly looking for Spriest+Warrior. :slight_smile:

What do you call 3 resto druids?
A treesome.

We are clearing heroic Nyalotha and running m+ in the meantime while we wait for SL then we will be pushing for CE :slight_smile: