Hardmode non-toxic guild - <D i v i n i t y> - Recruiting -

We’re a group of people who have been in high stress/competitive guilds as well as casual guilds where it feels like no progress is being made- it’s hard to find a good fit, can you relate?
We’re putting together a group of 30-50 raiders who want to clear Hard Mode Ulduar runs as well as agree to not flame guildmembers mid-raid, making it a miserable 2-3 hours.

We will of course call out mistakes and strategize kindly so that we can learn from attempts and progress, but we will handle larger issues (consistent lack of dps, frustrations with other members, lacking game knowledge, etc.) in coaching sessions outside of raids.

We are putting a 4.4k gs minimum requirement in place to set a baseline (we are trying to clear HardModes after all). We recognize that GS does not equal skill, but its simply a place to start. If you fall short of that number please still reach out and we can talk about it. we will still have a couple weeks of normal runs while we’re building so we can potentially gear you up if you’re not too far off.

Please message Kkrown in game or drop a DM and I’ll get back to you.

Raid times: Tues/Thurs pulling at 7:30pm Server Time (Eastern) - most of us are adults so timeliness is important in this guild.

Happy raiding!