Hardest decision ever, need some advice

Maybe Equivalent?

I think Zul’jin has a lot of French-Canadian guilds, at least according to my friend. It’s an EST and Horde dominant server.

Honestly, there isn’t much of a stigma against anyone that can speak English and communicate. The severe bias against Latin American servers is due to the overwhelming documented and anecdotal history players have with them griefing, being non-communicative, or hostile. I mean, Ragnaros and Azralon have become such jokes that you might catch someone from that server discriminating against their own servers’ players. It really is that bad.

But, comparatively, there really isn’t hate for most of the OCE servers. Most NA players avoid them simply because the latency is brutal for some of them. (I killed Sludgefist with 233 ms in an OCE group. Never again.) As long as you play decently and can communicate most people don’t care, and WoW is a bit of meritocracy for that.

Unfortunately, coming from the EU means starting over. Blizzard has never transferred an account across NA/EU.

thx for your replies guys, I play in Spanish servers and there’s too much drama, I don’t like that. I don’t really want to play in latinamerican servers 'cause I’ve heard horrible things about them.

My first language is Spanish and I understand English quite well but I have a really strong accent and sometimes is difficult for people to understand what I’m saying.

I would like to play in a US server, my timezone is GMT-6, so I don’t know in what servers should I play, as far as I know you only have east and pacific time, mine is more like central time, correct me if I’m wrong.

I know is gonna be hard, but it’s the price I have to play, as somebody said, I always play with 186 ms latency, I hope I get better numbers in a US server.

still no one comment about faction, all my characters are humans, but i’m in love with taurens and at the end of WOTLK I tranfer my warrior to the Horde and played orc, so I don’t really care about fraction anymore, I just want to find a lot o people to play with xD

And thank you very much Mosgh, I’m gonna create a character in your server and check how is it.


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You need to communicate in order to do group content. If you can communicate with people on American servers, you’ll do great!

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fraction is a part of a whole number
the word you’re looking for is faction. :grinning:

it’s really going to depend on server choice.
…find a server which has the time-zone you want, then find out if there are more horde or more alliance on the server

thx Nobully I haven’t noticed my mistake until now

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I did 233 pvp raids never herd zip about racism ect so stop the throwing kero on the fire . o the fire going down bomb it again = your real problem . holy pain i have 68 charters 3 accounts in usa herd zip

That’s a bit disingenuous though. Most everyone I have played with from Quel’Thalas or Ragnaros are just trolling most of the time. Even the people that play there and speak poor English. Acting like the people of Ragnaros are hated simply because of where they live is a bit of a lie. Ragnaros players actual trolls for the most part. It’s like inviting a Moonguard player.

I mean…your English looks pretty good to me :laughing:

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Well it would depend upon what level of content you are looking to do. But I doubt any raid or high tier mythic+ group would take a main tank or healer that they can not communicate with.

I am assuming you used a translator program to convert your native language into English for your post? If not and you can speak and understand English to the same degree, you will be fine.

During Wrath I played on the realm Turalyon, ask anyone that played on that realm back then what the worst server was, they aren’t going to say Rag they are going to say Mal’ganis. Everyone I came across on my realm hated Mal’ganis players because they were ‘toxic’ (now).

The only reason I even know about LatAm realms is because of them being baddies in random content. I don’t notice peoples realms in groups, I don’t care who you are, I’m not checking your name or looking at your transmog, I do not care, the only time I’m going to pay attention to you is when you start face pulling or if I notice you’re doing 10 dps at 50 :laughing:

If tomorrow Rag players stopped being bads in rando content and Garrosh players started being bads that’s all people would talk about, nothing to do with where you live in real life.

if you couldn’t tell I was agreeing, rant might be confusing lol.

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I think you’d have more fun joining another EU server…NA is notorious for hating language barriers.

if they hadn’t mentioned English wasn’t their first language, I wouldn’t have been able to tell.

their post was more coherent than a lot of people who post here and only speak one language!

i think their main concern is having to use voice communications, and other people having issues understanding their accent… but i’m sure it’ll be fine.

most communication can be kept very brief during boss fights
…and if they want to join in social chats, it will help with development of language skills.

there doesn’t seem to be much of a language barrier here.

…NA players have had to deal with australia/new zealand players forever, and you guys can understand what we’re saying! (sometimes!) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I use only dictionary from my browser. I actually do raid with some guys from Norway(they are fluent in English) I don’t talk too much but I follow their directions

I’ve raided with French Canadians, Aussies and LatAm players and never had much difficulty understanding them :heart:

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i mean… that’s why i got an issue with ragnaros (atleast… i think it was ragnaros…) was in a dungeon a while back, had a hunter, did’nt speak a word of english. i emoted at him to turn off growl (pointed at his pet, /no’d it, etc) he clearly understood what i wanted him to do, but nope, kept it on like a jerk-bag, even though we wiped because of him.

…this was back in like, WoD so… y’know, growl-on in a dungeon was thing.

Search the forums for “blacklist” and any one of these servers: Sargeras, Azralon, or Quel’thalas. You will see how non-English speaking players are treated.

I’m so glad Blizz disabled growl by default in random dungeons :heart: edit: toggled it off I mean.
And the removal of Aspect of the Dazed :heart:

Pack is the only ability I’d ever say should be removed lol

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Hello, its me again, I’ve joined Mal’ganis realm but i found out the raid schedule for most guilds start at 8:00 pm, that’s too early for me. Is that the common raiding schedule?

Some guild even raid in EST, I will be able to raid only after 9:00 CST, do you think I can find a guild who fits my schedule?

I’ve also checked some PST realms and they start raids at 5:00 pm :unamused:


Yeah most guilds raid around 7-10pm est, your best bet would be to check the realm subforums and see if any of them raid that late
Illidan/zuljin/area52 for horde and stormrage/proudmoore for alliance would be good starting points

This one supposedly starts at 11:15pm so they exist, they’re just far and few and this late into the patch its possible the guilds are inactive until 9.1

Overall you’ll have a way easier time finding a raiding guild on horde. Way more options there