Hardcore is really fun, just one thing

Blizz fixed it weeks ago.

Rats, I never got to experience it :upside_down_face:

Yea they did. But they did it with their new programming. Still happens now in this version of Classic. You really do go out of your way to try and argue with anyone and everyone on these forums.

I know 2 people that died from dc’s.

Guess that’s the difference between blizz and poe, they actually care enough about their players to put in log out protection on their hardcore mode.

No, it doesn’t.

I’ve not seen it.
Not for a while.

If their alerts are missing it then bug it.
Don’t see your report at this time in that forum.


I’m beginning to suspect Ivanka plays WoW entirely in her head.

Somebody that appears to be new to the forum would get a bit more assistance and empathy from me. But a poster that lives here and claims wow citizenship since beta or whatever knows where the bug report forum is and how to use it.

And should know that others of us do as well.
btw since you and I are living rent free I doubt there’s room for much else.

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And yet your the one who says you cant d/c during flight paths anymore? Need the old forum mods back. You would been perma banned by now with your nonstop trolling of nearly every poster here.

(183) WoW Classic Hardcore Druid Flight Path DC Fall - YouTube

Yea it exists. You can D/C on a flight path in HC. You telling me I dont play WoW when you are the one who back to back keeps proving that you know nothing about the game.

(183) Fell off the flight path after disconnect | Highlight | WoW Classic Hardcore (DEATH = DELETE) - YouTube

(183) Hardcore 60 d/c on a Flight Path - YouTube

(183) Hardcore WoW Flight Path Bug - YouTube

Need more proof? And the fact that I have been saying it can happen this entire time, the fact that you keep saying that no… it does not happen and cannot happen in HC… proves that it is YOU who does not play the game that you keep accusing me of not playing.

Yea but… you’ve never gotten to be a high enough level to take a flight path anywhere in HC so of course you wouldn’t know. Your last HC toon died at a super low level in Westfall.

(183) WoW HC Flying DC - YouTube

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Every video you’ve linked was posted to YouTube before the hotfix.

Did you have a link to a more recent one? A quick search didn’t turn up any for me.


Handsome Cowman gets it.

The person who made this thread said it has happened in the past, I said it has. Glinda/Asma kept saying that no, it never has happened in HC. And… I just proved that it did. And also, I did very recently d/c on a flight path as I landed at the end, I logged back in and was hovering in place for a while.

(199) Hardcore WoW Flight Path Bug - YouTube

It still happens.
Few weeks ago.

And OP mentioned it, this thread was made 7 days ago. Anyone who ACTUALLY plays Classic…unlike you people posting here saying it doesn’t happen…we all know that it still does happen.

I think they’re saying that it no longer happens or is not supposed to happen after the hotfix.


That video was posted 13/Oct the hot fix went live 25/Oct.

Maybe it still happens. I have not had it happen since the hotfix.

For correctness I feel the need to point out both Glinda and Asma said it doesn’t happen anymore. I don’t see them denying that it had happened in the past.

Stop it you’re making me blush.


Facts are facts


Thank you and yes that was exactly my point. It may happen now but I’ve not seen it since the hotfix.

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Idk, I used to think that, but I recently lost a mid 40s warrior because I DC’d as I charged into a pair of mobs I would normally not break a sweat cleaving down.

I’m definitely on the side of some dc protection, but I fully understand the difficulty in implementing something that wouldnt be abused by people trying to cover a mistake.

Death…is the reward.

Genuinely unfun to die to mobs respawning really quick in large packs, that should really be fixed.