Hardcore Accordians


are any of you guys playing Hardcore? I started a bit. I am a mighty level 10 dwarf warrior who is not yet dead, although I did have a pulse pounding encounter with wolves outside of Kharanos which got me down to about 10%. It is fun, out here wrappin linen bandages over my wolf bites and feeling a tingle down my spine in caves.

if you wish to join forces please befriend me at Miko#11160 or seek out the not dead yet dwarf Madori on Defias Pillager


I tried Hardcore a few times. I’m not good enough not to die to stupid things, and it does not feel better after the 3rd or 4th attempt so I just moved back to regular Classic.


I play stoned too often for this to be a political reality for me.


I did Classic HC when it first dropped (I also did the add-on HC when that was a thing). It was fun, except for the occasional person who’d sabotage by kiting mobs (either intentionally or not - I saw both). I have 2-3 characters over there, but probably not going back any time soon. It was fun until mid-20s.

I made a female dwarf and she died to trolls. Them spell casters are a menace. So I stopped after that.

They should make hardcore retail

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Yeah I would enjoy this kinda gameplay on retail too, probably with some kinda debuff on your character that reduces XP gain and causes enemies to deal more damage or something, to make it feel more engaging and slow paced. I wanna die in style as a hi-rez well-mogged adventurer not necessarily my n64 dwarf here

I dunno if the modern worldspace would even be that compatible with this sort of gameplay since there are so many quests relying heavily on lore drops and vehicles and safe XP sources like pet battles and gathering, so I guess it’d have to be a heavily modified retail experience.

I enjoyed it until I got to redridge. Reliving those old Elwynn and Westfall times were fun and I always played dangerously. However, it’s too much of a timesink so I quit

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As an altoholic, I don’t trust myself because my immediate thought was “Make a Nelf priest, get her to 60, then make 59 more and have them die at each level to have a ghost trail”

I will, however, be a rogue tank in Season of Discovery.

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I did it with friends when it launched but schedules eventually got involved, getting in the way of us wanting to play together. Then I made the mistake of deciding to play by myself and eventually died. Sort of killed the momentum for us then.

Might pick it back up again. Who knows?

The Hardcore Accord Court.

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I die to stupid things all the time. I have zero interest in hardcore WoW.

few folks in the mead hall are giving it a go. its not my thing but a buncha us plan to do season of discovery when it launches. I think I will be trying rogue tank!