Harassment - avoiding block

You can report it to a GM. Check the support forums or site for how to report ongoing harassment.


Thank you. I didnt know of that option :slight_smile: just want this to be over and enjoy the game

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Make sure you are not engaging them. Don’t respond to anything. Just report and block. Blizzard won’t take action if you interact with the individual.


Write a ticket and keep note of their alts (as well looking them up on the armory to see if their the same person or a friend).

This is important. Don’t engage with them, tell the GM what is occurring as they can look at the logs.


Ongoing Harassment is the category you want. That has to be done via website ticket after you have put them on Ignore. If they use other Bnet accounts to circumvent ignore then you report them for ongoing harassment. Document the name, server, chat channel, and time when you received the message and DO NOT reply. Ignore that char too. Then put in the ongoing harassment ticket.

Here is the article on it.

If you have more questions, the CS forum serves as an Information Desk. They can help you figure out the best way to navigate the system to protect yourself and to get it properly reported.


This is pathetic advice. OP, do not listen to this.

Block them. Next ignore everything they say, never respond. If you do respond then it’s a two way conversation and you’re welcoming it. Report every single instance of the harassment to Blizzard to help form the paper-trail. It is very important that you never respond and report it every single time. Blizzard does take this very seriously, especially ongoing harassment.


Then you open a ticket for ongoing harassment.


It wasn’t advice. Simply the experience I’ve had attempting to deal with similar in the past, where it was impossible to find the “harassment” category and then the responses to tickets were, “report them and put them on ignore.” And that was it. The person finally got bored after a month of Blizzard doing nothing.

Now, the report functions have changed since then, so I’ve heard. Hopefully they’re better than they used to be.

Try to have a better day.

Just ignore your chat window. They’ll get tired eventually. Also report them for harassment. Swapping to an alt to whisper you after being ignored is actionable. Where the heck is that account-wide /ignore we were promised for 9.1.5?

I feel like this is a misunderstanding. We have had the exact same process since the start.

  • Put the person on Ignore - NEVER reply to them.
  • If they circumvent Ignore go the website and use the Ongoing Harassment report option.
  • GMs will investigate and do something if you meet the requirements - ignoring them and them circumventing that.

The only thing that has changed is that Ignore now ignores the rest of their chars on a license when you ignore one. You have to repeat that ignore on each of your alts though. That has improved.

The report option has always been ticket and has always been there. I think they did not do a good job in the past explaining to players how to (not respond) and how to document in a way GMs could act on.

The article I posted was done a few years ago and was an attempt at educating folks so they don’t run into the frustrations you did.


Blizzard definitely will take action against this stuff… but they have to agree with you that it’s harassment.

I think that’s where the misunderstanding stems from.


That response will be in every ticket that you put in for ongoing harassment. Not responding is a very important part of the issue, if you respond then you take risk of the ticket being closed and it not being considered ongoing harassment.

I was attempting to find it in game through the support options and the website was convoluted, difficult to find, then wanted me to read articles instead of giving me the option to report.

Create a new window for whispers and then do not open it

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And then click “Contact Us” at the bottom for the Ongoing Harassment ticket specifically.

There, now you can stop giving people unhelpful advice on the subject.

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… this thread died two days ago and I never gave anyone advice. I gave my own experience. This was already driven into the ground with condescension and insults by others. You didn’t need to add to it.

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Why did you give the bad advice?

Well, if you insist. I’ll see myself out.

I have the key.

Remove ppl over and over. If that doesn’t work out then put them on ignore. If that doesn’t work out then let them keep messaging and talk into the abyss.

They eventually leave you alone bc they’re not getting what they want from you. They get tired and go to the next victim.

I’m so glad I don’t talk to anyone in this game lol. I can’t deal with manchildren like this.