Happy can't be leveled

Happy can not be leveled up to lvl 25…what the heck…all that dang work to get it and you can’t use it as a battle pet…dang


I know, I suffered through endless matches to get Happy. I’ll take it, but would rather it were a full pet.


Yeah I just discovered this as well. I didn’t know he couldn’t battle! I also noticed he floats sideways in his bubble behind you instead of facing forward while you are walking. I’m not sure if that was an intentional choice or mistake. He is cute, though.

I kinda wish they were all non combat, then at least I could feel better about not doing plunderstorm. As is, I may have to do it to get the pets.

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Oh, one of the hard-earned pets from Plunderstorm is actually an undocumented non-combat vanity pet?

Definitely validates my choice to ignore this entire fiasco.

But I do hope that if this an error, the devs fix it.


Its not an error …there have been others you earn that are just companions…but not as hard as this is now…

Well, I guess it’s still a +1 on pet collection achievements, right? Not a total loss (unless you already have those, until they drop the next tier of that).