Hamuul Runetotem Should Take Responsibility

Yes, yes, no one should be just responsible for their own actions but also the actions of others. Very well then.

The bloodiest hands are Kaldorei. Remember the Sundering.


Everything is the Titans fault. they Created everything and got the cycle of pain started.

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They didn’t make the Shadowlands AFAIK.

Well that’s not really fair. That’d be like blaming Thrall for what the Horde got up to in BfA while he was retired. They had a choice to make about the path they walked and chose the worst possible one.

We can blame him for making Garrosh warchief though and that makes him partially responsible.

But they did create Sargeras. He Created the Burning Legion, which created the Horde, which caused the destruction that lead to the Forsaken.

I’m curious as to who wouldn’t blame Sargeras for creating the Burning Legion.

Not really. He owned his mistake on that and Vol’jin was appointed warchief. Everything that happened after that was hardly his fault.

I pointed out what Thrall can be blamed for. We can blame Vol’jin for making Sylvanas warchief since he gave that order. Everyone has an occurrence they can be blamed for. That’s the point I’m trying to make.

You can’t blame people for a sequence of events they had no part in. Thrall wasn’t responsible for Sylvanas gaining control of the Horde.

I never stated Thrall was responsible for Sylvanas gaining control of the Horde.

Sure, but Sylvanas convinced the Blood Elves to join. Who have been invaluable, steadfast allies since they joined. So by transitive property, he’s also responsible for that.

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Naw, if someone else has to “take responsibility” for her actions that means she doesn’t. She is the one who plotted and betrayed the horde. She was given an opportunity, the forsaken had nothing to offer, and she chose to throw it away.

That doesn’t mean horde leadership didn’t make mistakes. There were multiple points where they needed to call her out but didn’t. Still doesn’t mean that anyone but her is responsible for her actions.


Hard to blame Hamuul for something even Sylvanas didn’t know she was going to do at the time. Should we also blame Malfurion for the actions of Kael’thas because he didn’t execute the Highborne when he should have?

Hamuul opened the door for Sylvanas and the Forsaken to live a new, good life with allies, friends, and family that accepted them. Many Forsaken made bonds with other members of the Horde and became respected by their peers.

Sylvanas rejected that opportunity, and while many Forsaken turned out to be monsters like her many others did not.


Blame the writers.