Hamuul Runetotem Should Take Responsibility

The Forsaken, and Sylvanas, were allowed into the Horde because Hamuul convinced Thrall to let them in. Hamuul is a big part of why Sylvanas has been able to get as far as she has. If she weren’t a part of the Horde, her plans wouldn’t have advanced the way they have. Hamuul should take responsibility for causing so much maliciousness to happen. He knew how sinister the Forsaken have been.


Hamuul saw the same potential in the Forsaken to regain their humanity that Genn saw in the Forsaken at Arathi.


Well, if we are going to go down that path, then we should consider who we hold responsible for what Yrel is doing on AU Draenor and who among the NE’s should be held responsible for letting Staghelm corrupt a world tree and flood almost the entire world in the Nightmare (Stormrage novel). Honestly that is an almost endless can of worms to open.

Hamuul saw that not all forsaken were monsters, which they aren’t. I mean if we are going to condemn a group for their corrupt state, your playing a void elf.

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The ones at the Gathering didn’t experiment on and torture civilians.

That’s the Naaru.

That’s just Staghelm, no one gave him access to what he didn’t have earlier.

What global damage have Void Elves done?

I don’t think the Forsaken at the Pools of Vision in Thunder Bluff did, either.


Those aren’t the only Forsaken that were allowed into the Horde.

Like the Nightborne joining the Horde based solely on their experiences with the Blood Elves and not realizing what Sylvanas was, I doubt Hamuul saw the darker aspects of the Forsaken who were living all the way on another continent.

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It’s not there now, but the old race description for Undead stated that Hamuul was aware.

Specifically, Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem, striving for diplomacy, saw the potential for redemption in Sylvanas’ people, even though he was fully aware of the Forsaken’s sinister nature.


Literally everyone jumped to live at his corrupted tree despite Furion was against it


He wanted to help the Forsaken get a cure and as we see the ones at Thunder Bluff, most are really chill undead beings. Literally nobody saw Sylvanas doing this, even Bolvar that saw her doing a pact with Valkyries

Not everyone made the tree.

Undead exist.

This never happened. No one has bothered to try making a cure.

Yet if Hamuul hadn’t he would have been condemn those ones as well. There existence clearly shows the potential.

Well the Jailer is responsible for what Sylvanas has done then.

The NEs put him in a position of power to do it when he was clearly as dodgy as hell, even back in vanilla. Staghelm didn’t make the tree on his own.

Yet. They have the Void whispering constantly in their ear.

He is.

If we knew exactly who put Staghelm in his position we’d be able to blame whoever did that.

We can’t blame people for events that haven’t happened yet, otherwise everyone should be trying to kill Nozdormu.

I think it’d be silly to blame Hamuul because nobody could have possibly known what Sylvanas would end up doing later on.


For the crime of compassion and seeing the potential for good in others, Hamuul Runetotem must be thrown into a pit of scarabs. It is the only way.

This thread is bait, right?


Well that would be Malfurion, Cenarius, or a druid council by default.

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How was Hamuul supposed to know that he was on the designated bad guy faction?

If the Void Elves had joined the Horde they would have blown up the planet by now. It’s very lucky for all of us that they joined the faction that isn’t forced to do things like that.


Honestly the Alliance should take responsibility for not saving us sooner before we were placed on this path, If they had just been really compassionate towards us and actively wanted to mend bridges with us it wouldn’t have allowed The Legion, The Lich King, Sylvanas, and The Horde to use us.

The Alliance should take responsibility for causing so much maliciousness to happen, they knew how sinister a sentient undead could be unless helped.

This is the most ridiculous thread I’ve ever seen, and am convinced it must be some form of trolling related to a statement in another that has annoyed the OP. Don’t take it seriously, move on.

Nice exaggeration. I made this thread because Hamuul doesn’t have a lot of prominence in the story despite his actions having major consequences. Not only that, but I wanted to focus on a different subject than what’s been gone over more times than needed. How about you make a topic that has some worth? I’ve made more posts of value than you have.

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