Half dreanei as a race

Make Half-Drae like pandas.

better than nothing at all. I would play one.

Half-draenei? Are you sure you don’t mean half-elves?

That is bleeping awesome and I would play that in a heartbeat

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I want a hobbit race.

That is in another thread;

popping here some possible art and looks this guys can have;






Oh those actually look awesome.

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They do. I’m liking them.


More pics!



This one is a bit weird but here:


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Oh man that first one would be awesome.


It seems like the cc is talking about allied races, so i thought i would toss a link here.

(Noticed it on other AR threads)…

I always thought it was kinda weird that there were never any playable hybrids in game, even though lorewise there are several combos possible. You know the " Humans " in game are nothing like Earth Humans psychologically, because there would be a ton more half Humans of various types in game. lol

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Because given the multiple playable races, and the multiple possible combinations (including with non playable races) they would have to start including an obscene amount of race models/customization to cater to a small group of people who would only play the race as a novelty at best.

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True, but realistically, there would be no “pure” Humans left on Azeroth if they were anything like Humans irl is my point. Mechanically, it makes sense
, but Lorewise it is weird to me.

I vote Half Draenei, but if the other half is Night Elf.

Lorewise, the different species rarely intermarry. And that is assuming there is any genetic compatibility between species. Just because players like to get their rp freak on with a different species doesn’t make it cannon.

Hmmm… although i am open to other hybrid races. I think the primary goal is to get the more commonly seen ones available. Unfortunatly this thread does not pretain the human hybrids, as this thread is focused on orc/dreanei hybrids.

I do have have an half elf/human thread, and i also in the past had a mok’nathal thread, although it is a bit old now and bringing it back would be a necro;

There is ones that did have or had a population, the following is ones i know of;

Half dreanei (orc/dreanei)
Half elves (human/thallassian elves)
Mok’nathal (orc/ogre)

Mok’nathal is the most requested of the 3 on the forums.

I could get down with a human with tentacles. More to eat.

I personally like my Draenei tentacles fried light. Don’t want to overcook them.