Hakkar crashed and no character list

game just froze and again once I get out of the game and no character list when I try to log back in. Second time today

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Gurubashi is having the same problem. Seems like the server cluster is borked.

Anub’arak same problem

Aegwynn, same thing happened. Can’t get back in at all, just a black character screen


Bonechewer and Daggerspine are also down. the entire server cluster is down atm.

Thank you Blizzard for the magnificent player experience. 12 hours maintenance yesterday, then again this morning and now this. You guys are great! Youre the best! Im gonna recommend this game to all my friends!!


Just happened to me too. Of course it happens right after the Superbloom starts. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Even on the realm status page, it says its fine and running. Well, Blizzard, it’s not. FIX IT!!


same here, Aegwynn as well

Same here. All my characters are just gone. Very concerning.

It still shows me i got 16 chars…but yeah black screen mostly.

Bonechewer having the same problems. Died character froze, forced closed now black character screen

Crushridge Down aswell

No acknowledgment from Blizzard, realm status still says its running. What a bunch of no-good techs. Very bad for a company that used to be great. “Hey, pre-order the next expansion for 100$, who cares if the current game isnt working! Give us more money!”

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small indie company

All my chars popped up for me and i can log in…waited 20 mins.

It worked 5 minutes and down again. Thats it. I was on a free trial testing the waters for a come back to this game. Well its not gonna happen. Still the same sh!t it used to be.

out again as well

Been over an hour now and still nothing, i really hope they fix this issue asap because this is a huge disappointment