[h][akama, mug’thol, dragonmaw][horde]<Progression> 3/10H is recruiting aotc

Progression (East coast time) Is a newly founded guild built on the premises of competitive gameplay and tightknit community. Our short-term goal is to achieve aotc as a group with our remaining time in the Castle Nathria tier, as well as build up our roster and begin laying the foundations for an active, fun and - most importantly…imo - rewarding guild.

We are currently recruiting! I run the risk of sounding insincere and inspirational, But now is an exciting time for all involved in Progression. Something big is being created that will surely leave a lasting impression on all of those involved. There is no better time to try to be apart of what is goin on here!

We are mainly recruiting DPS roles for our raid team, however we will turn no one down and will strive to find a spot for all players in one way or another (alt runs, fun runs, second teams etc).

Our raid times are Thursday and Saturday 8:00pm to 11:00pm est. We also have a burgeoning RBG team and many other scheduled events, including M+ runs.

We Sincerely hope you decide to become a part of our team, and family here in Progression

Battle tag: MRK#11295

Do you have what days you’d raid planned already?

Hey there Hektik, We have a general plan laid out thus far. For this week we have a normal full clear scheduled for thursday 7pm est. But moving foreward we plan on thursday and friday nights being our raid nights