Hackers on horde side

00:15am 26-09-2019 Location: South shore. Huge horde group moved up on south shore. amongst them were about 5-8 rogues all inside one another moving in perfect formation. All of them stunning, going invisible, speed running and striking at excacly the same moment. They were one shoting literally everyone in the zone. axure and azure are some of their names. I was unable to report them due to the fact that they go invisible immediately after they kill. Apparently there’s no way to open a ticket since the help menu says i have to right click their picture (how dumb is that?).

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That would be a multiboxer.


what is that? How does he get all of those rogues to do it all at once?

May I just say. Your character is truly beautiful.

Multiboxing is basically running multiple instances of the game (with multiple accounts) on one PC, with software to send your keypresses to each of them. It’s not against the terms of service, but sometimes you’ll get people like this who just roll around harassing people.


Yep, and that should yield a penalty on all accounts used in the setup. If a MBer can’t behave properly, he doesn’t get to MB. Period.

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lol what kind of idiot multibox’s 5x rogues!!! Wow…

yah that player was in arathi doing the same thing at the keep last week.

Yeah sounds like a multiboxer. That sucks.

Lol imagine though if he made a guild for all the rogues and named it like Seal Team 6 or Assassins Creed. Just a fat group of rogues one shotting people :joy:

Yeah that’s a multiboxer, dudes putting a lot of money into running that much WoW accounts haha

Shaman Rubido and Hunter Elbandito are usually running around together and I think they hax in world pvp cause they rarely lose. When I try to whisper Rubido all she ever replies is “I like turtles.” Bot?

I’ve seen the kid around. He’s what’s known as a loser irl.

Hey, You are Psilocybinor, yeah? I think i’ve killed you like… a lot.

Ahahhaaa this dude is in my guild, real nice guy. Won’t drop his name cause iain no snitch -Undead Rogue.


Multi-boxer: is a very expensive method for someone who is really, god awful, bad at pvp to feel good about themselves for a few moments until reality sets back in.

nice guy is subjective, though I’ve never encountered him, based on this story alone I’m certain he’s not and he is infact an absolute salad tosser of a human being. what a loser. lmao