[H/A RP-PVE] Violet Vanguard Recruiting for Dragonflight!


Violet Vanguard is an RP/PVE adventuring guild that focuses on cooperation and the protection of Azeroth.

Our roleplay follows the World of Warcraft storyline, featuring both campaign, combat events, and frequent social gatherings, all hosted by multiple DMs. We are always seeking creative storytellers! Scheduled roleplay nights are currently Wednesdays and Thursdays at 5pm server/PST (8pm EST), though we also meet up randomly throughout the week!

As a group of heroes, we have a focus on adventure and exploration, which leads to us traveling all over Azeroth and battling all sorts of dangerous foes.

Our goal with roleplay is to create a cast of characters and interesting stories with a friendly, lore abiding community. If roleplay is your main focus and you wish to join, we will ask to meet in-character to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

New RPers are happily welcomed but we ask that you know basic lore and follow current Blizzard canon.


Our raid roster is currently full but considering prospects for Season 3, though we are always accepting players that are interested in Mythic dungeons from low keys to high keys. Raid takes place every Friday from 5:00-8:30 server/PST (8:00-11:30pm est.) We have hit AOTC for multiple tiers and are only growing as players!


We have a dedicated role for Mythic+ and welcome players interested in all level of dungeon activity, ranging from introductory keys to the highest level of rewarding content. It is not uncommon for us to have multiple key groups going at the same time. We also form for keys regularly, during the day and late into the night. We are always on the lookout for players interested in Keys, be they Tanks, DPS, or Healers!


We welcome non-RP and non-raid recruits as well!

We are seeking crafters and gatherers to help bolster our ranks of profession masters!

We host weekly transmog contests, writing contests, and more. We love playing other games together, having social nights, and doing WoW content every night.

Movie nights are quite common. We have enjoyed films ranging from critically acclaimed cinema such as Morbius to the works of Robert Eggers, the Fast & Furious franchise, and more.

How to Join

For more information, contact GMs Alth and Lariyadk, Officers Vaeliyanna or Hic in-game or join our discord to speak with our recruiters. All recruits are asked to speak and act respectfully of fellow guildies and other players. Above all, we seek to maintain a positive, welcoming and inclusive space!

Our guild application can be found here.

Also take a look at our carrd for more links and information.


is this the same horde brothers that was on twisting nether back in wrath-cataclysm?


Dis be a fine group of adventures ta be wit. True, true!


There are several Twisting Nether veterans and officers of the original Horde Brothers in our ranks. Our name is out of love for what Warlord Ugraz created!


God I miss Ugraz


boy did i miss you guys

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Who did you play on Twisting Nether, Mr. Eel?

my main at the time was slime. mr. slime.


I can’t say I recall a Mr. Slime from name alone, but I’m always happy meeting a fellow Twisting Nether veteran


Orgruk here. I had the guild’s Sulfuras. I should transfer him over. Reunite the clan and what not


Do you want to serve the Horde?
Do you want to save Azeroth?
Do you want to slay Alliance that get in the way?
If so the Horde Brothers is the place to be. Join today and be part of the adventure!


7/12 H! Vexiona is just about down!


Tha Horde Brothers are awesome! PvE and PvP and RP, oh my! Come and see what all the fuss is about. I dare ya!


We’re 10/12 and almost have carapace down! Good job y’all, love you guys.


A lot of exciting stuff happened this week for the Horde Bros! We had an awesome finale to our RP story arc, and we got Ahead of the Curve! Very proud of the raid team and always so pleased to RP with such a great group.


Still time to join in on all the excitement. Currently two RP events each week and other days of fun & adventure!


Fun, nice group with plenty of activity! Our story arc continues this week as we step into Uldum to save the world! Join us, won’t you?


I am glad I found this group, such good people. The storylines created for RP are interesting and full of lore. I have enjoyed every moment I have been here.


Join now, bonus points for being a Forsaken! Bonus points grant nothing special but you will be able to be Forsaken. :skull:

For the Horde!


Come, join us! We are very active in all aspects. PvE, PvP, and two to three RP events per week! Our raid team will be dusting off its armor and oiling the machine again soon to prepare for The Shadowlands. Come! Play! Enjoy.

For the Horde!