[H/A] <Ineffable> - 7/9 Mythic - 2 Night Recruiting for CE push - LF DPS!

We are a newly formed guild created on Zul’Jin. Our progression is currently 7/9 Mythic, progging Tindral. We are looking to add exceptional DPS/ a Tank, or exceptional HEALER to our CE roster. All roles within the guild are competitive and performance based.

We raid on a semi-hardcore, 2 night a week schedule. Our raid times are Tues/Thursday 9-12 PM EST.

The guild is a tight-knit, progression focused group that focuses on raiding, and M+.

Leadership has multiple CE tiers under their belt and are looking to add the current and future tier to that list.

Our raider.io link - https://raider.io/guilds/us/zuljin/Ineffable

Our current needs:

  • DPS – (Any role/spec) All exceptional DPS are highly encouraged to apply as every role is competitive.
  • Healers - As with DPS exceptional healers please reach out.

Please reach out to the following, if you are interested in joining the team;

Kbo- brad_69 - Discord
RatBoy#11538 - Bnet

Still looooookin

High Prio (Balance/ Feral, Augvoker, Ele/Enhance Sham, WW Monk, Retadin)
Healers feel free as well.

Still looking

Pls pumper dps and a healer or two!

0.2% on Smold, he dies and we get after Tindral.

bamp tindral prog