[H/A] <In Good Company> Recruiting New Friends

A place where you can actually make new friends, feel comfortable in any aspect of Warcraft content, and do it all while having a good time? Then I think you’d like to be <[In Good Company]>. Our guild focus is having fun with the people we’re with, in a game we all enjoy, together. We raid, run transmog, drink, and laugh. Have any questions? We’re always open to new friends and family!

<[In Good Company]> is a guild aimed for any caliber of player, whether you’re new or a refugee from somewhere else, or, simply tired of being alone in this world we call Azeroth. Our goal is to bring together people as they are. We all downloaded the same game, we all are human, and whether you’re putting in your +15 keystone, just hit 70 on your first toon, or wrapped up Cutting Edge for the 5th season in a row, we all log off the same at the end of night. We’ve created a hub where you can relax after work, before work, or even couch potato the day away, with the friends you have here. We are a casual guild with some more casually competitive players who want a break from the competitive stress and finally take a breather; The main goal is for everyone to have a good time! Pet battle discussion? We’ve got that. Raiding? Yeah it’s there. Mythic plus? I think I might’ve dropped it…no wait. Here it is! Keystones level 2-20+. PvP? What’s it to ya? Of course! We have people who are down to queue for random battlegrounds or casual arena, and even wacky LFR with you.

We are a newly blossoming guild with KSM/KSH members who are here to run and push keys, as well as help those newer, or players who don’t know what a keystone font is! We all started somewhere, and we remember asking those same questions. <[In Good Company]> aims to be just that - good company to run with alongside you in your keys of any caliber.

As we are a newer guild, we are now forming our raid team for season 3! That being said, our leaders have experience (and success) leading normal, heroic, and even mythic progression raids - so you’re in good hands! Our philosophy is that raiding ultimately is about getting together and forming a team to murder a boss with people you can trust and rely on, with friends; not a ball of stress when logging in before you even set foot inside the instance. We will be raiding Wednesday from 6pm-8pm PST (9pm-11pm EST) and Fridays 6pm-9pm PST (9pm-12am EST)

Although we are absolutely a cross-faction guild, a majority of members lean to the Horde side. If you have any questions, please feel free to message the below in game or reach out to through B-Net/Discord. We’ll be able to provide a discord link where you can take a look at all of our events on the calendar and see if you wanna come hang out with us.

BN: TheHorseman#1971 Fey#1443 / In Game: Trollseeks, Belfseeks, Kittyboom, Lyah, Jerry, Snibble


Bumping for good times and good friends :+1:

Cataclysm Hero tonight! We may fail on decades old content, but we’ll do it with class!

Just finished up our first guild hide and seek night. Always on the lookout for good times and good friends. Send me a message in game if you want more info.

Tonight will be our monthly WoW trivia night. If you’re interested we’d love to have you along.

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Bump for the Good Company! : )

Tomorrow we will be doing a leveling race between guildies and we’d love to have more people along for the fun.

Bump for my lovely guildies.

Great environment, great people. If you need a place to just call home, come join us! I’ve only had great interactions with everyone. No pressure to do anything but people are there regardless and there’s always events goin on! :blush:

Lots of events on the calendar this month and next. Also having alot of people pushing for KSM and KSH before season 3. If you’re looking to get into keys come and hang out.

Great group of people here

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To the top for my lovely guild. Lookin forward to the next season and next raid with our guild so come join us! We got a little something for everyone!

With the new patch on the horizon we’d love to see some more new faces no matter what sort of content you enjoy :slight_smile:

“What should I say?”



We’re still always on the lookout for New Players, Raiders, Key runners and people of all skill types. If you’re looking for a home or just want to try something new please check us out.